Lip augmentation with Juvederm

At Smile Design Center of Brooklyn we gladly e offer Botox and dermal fillers treatment for our beautiful patients to reduce signs of aging.

One of the treatment options for Bruxism is Botox injections into masseter and temporalis muscles that “overwork” in some patients causing headache and TMJ pain, extensive teeth wear. We provide that option in combination with the nightguard fabrication, that protects patients teeth while Bruxing.

As well Botox injections is used for treatment of superficial and deep wrinkles of the skin in perioral area. There is an indication of Botox injections in patients with “gummy smile” that is more conservative way to correct it. With the use of Botox we can correct neck circles, wrinkles, create “Niffertiti neck” projection and much more.

Dermal fillers can be used for correction of lip asymmetry and size, perioral and nasal folds, jaw lines, zygomatic projections. Facial fillers can help to replenish lost facial volume. It contains hyaluronic acid, that is one of the compound of our body. Fillers can last under patient skin up to 2 years, depends on the area of the injection and type of filler. Adding fillers to patient treatment can help reduce aging significantly. There is a terminology for that procedure as a Liquid Facial Lift. Ask us about that and claim your free consultation.

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