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  Absolutely loving my new smile!♥️ Once again, big thanks and shout out to Dr. Nataliya Petluk, DDS & Dr. Ilya Sapozhnik, DDS for a great job they have done! Can’t smile enough!!! If you need a cosmetic / corrective dentist work or have a bad toothache or gum problems or just need a filler, cleansing, whitening, veneers, or even simply pull a tooth out (ouch...) look no further, these two docs are the best, not only in BKL or 5 boroughs of NYC but the whole of tri-state! Yay!!!  
Yuriy Kim
 Went there this morning , Two very knowledgeable and professional doctors and their assistant did great work on my teeth’s . Deep down we all afraid of dentists,but from today I can trust them and feel comfortable.They are my priority dentists from now on. Thnx a lot guys! 
Sergey Kukharskyi
 Great friendly and professional staff. Nataliya did a great job taking care of me during my treatment. She was very patient and accommodating to make sure I was ok, throughout procedure. Office is clean and modern. Honestly, everything is top-notch. Highly recommend. 
Conrad M
 I don't give many reviews for things, but for him I will great great care! He was very helpful, thoughtful and knew how to make me feel comfortable. I recently moved to the area and I'm hoping he will be around for years to come. Dentist can be hit or miss, it's simple know your job and be pleasant and honest. Most aren't. But he is. 
Eugene Komissarov
 Ilya has been treating my teeth for years and it has always been an absolute pleasure. I am so thankful and blessed at the opportunity to have him work on my teeth. One time I had a severe tooth infection at night and he literally took me out of hell. 
Victor Pop
 Being in this office is an absolute pleasure! The doctor has golden hands and I always feel welcome. I was also surprised at the multitude of skills Dr Sapozhnikov possesses.If you want the best dental care this is your place!!